Department of Agricultural Economics is one of six departments of the Faculty of Economics. It is also the first department when the Faculty of Economics was established in 1978. The Department comprises two academic programs named: Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. The Agricultural Economic Program includes two academic levels: (1) Undergraduate program and (2) Postgraduate program including Master and PhD level; while Agribusiness has only undergraduate program.

Academic program

Academic program

Number of Courses

BA Agricultural Economics

40 (Since 1978)

BA Agribusiness

08 (Since 2006)

Ms. Agricultural Economics

16 (Since 2001)

PhD. Agricultural Economics

Since 2015

For Undergraduate program, the educational objectives of the two academic programs are constructed base on the expected learning outcome. In particular, after 3-5 years of graduation, the expected achievements of the graduates are:  + To apply a solid foundation of knowledge, core technical knowledge and specialized knowledge into the field of agricultural economics and agribusiness.  

+ To develop professional skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills, creative thinking to apply socio-economic knowledge systems for work, research, and transfer technology.

+ To develop and effectively use communication skills, independent working skills, and teamwork to work, study and research in the field of agricultural economics and agribusiness

+ To be able to understand social needs and take social responsibilities, have work ethics, engage in professional communities, and have a sense of lifelong learning  

 Academic staff




Field of study


Mr. Tran Doc Lap (PhD)

Head of Department Senior lecturer

Agricultural Economics


Mr. Nguyen Bach Dang (PhD)

Vice-Dean of the Faculty Lecturer

Sustainable Resource Management


Mr. Thai AnhHoa (PhD)

Senior lecturer

Agricultural Economics


Mr. Le Van Lang (Ms)

Senior lecturer

Agricultural Economics


Mr. Le Vu (Ms)


Agricultural Economics


Mr. Tran Hoai Nam (Ms)


Agricultural Economics


Mr. Nguyen Minh Ton (Ms)


Agricultural Economics


Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong (Ms)


Agricultural Economics


Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan (PhD Candidate)


Agricultural Economics

Number of graduated students

Research areas

Water management; Dynamic optimization, Agricultural value chains, Rural development and extension, Farming system, Natural resource management, Rural policy analysis, Rural livelihoods, Social impact assessment; Risk in agricultural production, Sustainable agriculture


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