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Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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1.        Education

·           RMIT University, College of Business, Melbourne Australia. PhD in Business Information Technology, 2012

·           Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Ithaca, New York, USA. Master of Science in Agricultural Economics, 1997

·           University of Agriculture and Forestry HCMC. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics, 1989

Other Training

·           Training on “Statistical Analysis System (SAS) and Econometric Analysis”, at International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Cali, Colombia, June - August 1992

·           Training on “Macroeconomic Policy and Management”, at HIID, Harvard University, Cambridge, M.A., USA, June 22 - July 31, 1998


2.        Working Experiences

Teaching at the Department of Economics, NLU HCMC

·           Statistics (1989-1994) at the Department of Economics, NLU HCMC

·           Managerial Economics at Department of Agricultural Economics, NLU, (1997to present)

·           Introduction to Microeconomics, at NLU (1997 to present)

·           Introduction to Macroeconomics, at NLU, (1997 to present)

·           Introduction to Econometrics (both for BS and MS programs in agricultural economics, at NLU, (1999 to present)

·           Mathematics for Economics (for MS program) at NLU, 2002 to present

·           Intermediate Macroeconomics (BS program)

·           Applied Econometrics (BS program)

Teaching at Fulbright Economics Teaching Program in HCMC and other programs

·           Co-instructor on Intermediate Macroeconomics

·           Co-instructor on Development Finance

·           Co-instructor on Rural Development

·           Co-instructor on International Trade and Globalization

·           Instructor on Rural Development (Vietnamese – Netherlands MA program in Development Economics, in English)

·           Instructor on Econometrics (Vietnamese – Netherlands MA program in Development Economics, in English)

·           Instructor on Introduction to Microeconomics (Latrobe program, in English)

·           Instructor on Introduction to Macroeconomics (Latrobe program, in English)

·           Instructor on Quantitative Methods for Business Management (Hong Bang International University)


3.        Major Research

1.        A Risk Management Framework for Aquaculture: The Case of Vietnamese Catfish Farming, PhD thesis, School of Business Information Technology and Logistics, College of Business, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia, 2011.

2.        Perception of Risks and Risk Management in Vietnamese Catfish Farming: An Empirical Study, 2010. Journal of Aquaculture Economics & Management, Vol.14, No. 4, pp 282-314.

3.        Organization of Fresh Water Fish Market in Ho Chi Minh City, 2002, funded by CIRAD-AVRDC. The study aims to understand the organization of the fresh water fish market in Ho Chi Minh City. Specifically, the study tries to identify the marketing distributions channel, market actors’ margin, the market infrastructure, and the traders’ strategies

4.        Consumer Behavior on Fresh Water Fish in Ho Chi Minh City, 2002, funded by CIRAD-AVRDC. The study aims to understand the urban consumers’ perception on the impacts of fish quality, safety concerns, taste, and price and income factors on the consumption of fresh water fish.

5.        Models of Co-operatives in Agricultural Sector in the Suburban Areas of Ho Chi Minh City, 2000. Evaluating current situation of Agricultural Cooperatives, SWOT analysis and developing models for different types of cooperative style businesses.

6.        The Impact of Nonprice Export Promotion on U.S. Red Meat Exports to the Newly Industrialized Countries in the Pacific Rim, Master’s thesis, also accepted to be published on “Agribusiness: An International Journal”, 1997 (co-author). An econometric model has been developed using pooled-data to estimate U.S. red meat import demand equations for the four countries in the  Pacific Rim. The model is built to measure the effectiveness of the export promotion for U.S. red meat export to the region. The study shown that Korea is the only country sensitive to promotion effort. As the results, simulation was made to reallocate the fund for the responsive market in order to improve the effectiveness of the export promotion program.

7.        Rice Marketing System in the Southern Region of Vietnam, working paper, 1993 (co-author). A comprehensive study on the entire marketing system of Rice in the South of Vietnam. Interviews of rice growers, local traders, mill owners, and rice exporters have been done to collect data on rice distribution system, market margins, and profitability of each stage.

8.        Vegetable Production and Marketing in Vietnam, AVRDC working paper, 1994 (Co-author). Surveyed of 150 vegetable growers in the peri-urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City, data coding and processing, writing report on vegetable production and marketing.

9.        Cassava Production, Processing, and Marketing in Vietnam, CIAT working document, 1993 (co-author). Conducted 150 interviews of cassava growers (out of more than 2000 observations in the whole country) and 120 cassava processors in the South-East region of Vietnam, responsible for project’s data coding and processing, writing a report on Cassava production, processing, and marketing in Vietnam.

10.    The Cassava Starch Marketing System in the South of Vietnam, CIAT working document, 1993 (co-author). An in-depth study for Cassava Starch Marketing System. Both desk study and interviews have been conducted to gather information.


                                Le Cong Tru

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