Faculty Office was established in 1978.

Main duties

    Faculty Office supports the management board of the Faculty, departments in administrative and financial issues; plans and organises undergraduate and post-graduate training schedulesFaculty Office manages counselling services for undergraduate and post-graduate students of the Faculty; provides forms and templates related to general regulations of the Faculty and the University; connects students with other functional offices of the University.

    Faculty Office collects students’ feedback and consults lecturers and the management board of the Faculty for solutions. Faculty Office often updates information from recruiters, scholarship sponsors , enterprise forum, other union activities in the website of the Faculty, collaborates with Labour Union of the Faculty to organise various activities for staff.

Contact details

Room: PV.123 (Phuong Vy building)

Email: kkt@hcmuaf.edu.vn

Phone: (+84) 283 896 17 08



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