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  • University HCM City
  • Room: PV 228 (Building Phuong Vy)
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  • Điện thoại: +84. 908 352 490
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Personal Profile

-        Full name: Mr. Tran Duc Luan

-     Highest Degree: Master of Science (MSc)

-     Academic position: Lecturer

Administrative position: Head of Department of Rural Development, Faculty of Economics, Nong Lam University-HCMC

-    Brieft information:

     Mr. Tran Duc Luan is a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics, Nong Lam University, HCM City. In 2006, he graduated a MSc degree of Rural Development from Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (the joint MSc program between Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences and Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam). He also participated in a one -year training course and received a postgraduate certificate in Applied Economics for public policy analysis of HCM City University of Economics (Fulbright Program). Mr. Luan's current research fields are livelihood analysis, agricultural economic evaluation, marketing research, natural resource management and public policy analysis. In addition to teaching and research, Mr. Luan has been participated the short training to enhancing the capacity of local government officer at commune/district/province levels inVietnam's National Target Program on New RuraDevelopment.




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