"The success and the spirit of support and cooperation of alumni is an invaluable present to the lecturers. Here is the story of a company" The alumni family of Economics Faculty - Nong Lam University Ho Chi Minh City, showing that present” Among many enterprises accompanied the Faculty of Economics in recent years, there is "very fantastic" one because of its special characteristics such as very "Nong Lam University", very "Faculty of Economics", and very "brotherhood". It is S Furniture Joint Stock Company.At S Furniture Joint Stock Company, there is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Huynh Thanh Van who is a former student of the Faculty of Economics - Class 22; General Manager - Nguyen Thanh Ky is a former student of Economics Faculty - Class 25; Deputy General Manager Nguyen Duc Tu is a former student of Forest Product Processing - Faculty of Forestry; Chief Accountant Chu Thi Thanh Thanh is a former student of Accounting 27 - Faculty of Economics and Deputy Accounting Manager Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh is also a former student of  Faculty of Economics – Class 26, Nong Lam University Ho Chi Minh city.

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