- Brief of History of Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics (FE) was founded in 1978 with the former name Faculty of Agricultural Economics. Back then, the Faculty had only one undergraduate training programme of Agricultural Economics. Along with the direction of multi-disciplinary development of NLU, the Faculty currently has six departments with nine undergraduate training programmes, including Agricultural Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Agricultural Business, Rural Development, Accounting, General Business Administration, Commercial Administration, Financial Administration, and Advanced Business Administration. FE has successfully developed two master programmes in Agricultural Economics and Economic Management as well as one doctoral programme in Agricultural Economics. These programmes considerably satisfy students` demand in pursuing higher education. The students of FE have been being provided with a wide range of knowledge and skills in diversified fields of economics, rural development and extension, business administration, and finance and accounting. After 40 years of establishment and development, there have been thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students graduating and contributing significantly to the country`s socio-economic development.

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