Introduction to the Agricultural Economics Program.

The Agricultural Economics program was formally introduced at the Faculty of Economics, Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City in 1978, when the Faculty of Economics was established. This program is widely recognized as the most prestigious program in the field of Agricultural Economics in the Southern region and has been acknowledged for its teaching quality by AUN-QA in 2020.

The program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of Agricultural Economics, including Production Economics, Agricultural Commodity Market Economics, Agricultural Risk Management, Agricultural Marketing, Economics of Law, Finance, Business Administration, and Community Development. Moreover, the program also emphasizes the development of various skills, such as creative thinking, economic analysis, problem-solving, and situational handling, which enable students to effectively utilize and manage agricultural resources.

Field trip of Students in Ninh Thuan province, 2019

To fulfill the program requirements, students need to obtain a total of 136 credits, with each credit representing 15 hours of classroom instruction, including theoretical, practical, internship, and thesis. The program is intended to be completed within 4 years, but students have the option of taking extra courses during the summer semesters or enrolling in multiple courses during a regular semester to complete their requirements earlier.

Graduation Ceremony (Course 2015-2019)

After graduating from the Agricultural Economics program, students can pursue diverse career paths, such as academia at universities, research institutes, or research centers. Alternatively, they can work for public organizations, such as Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Extension Centers for Agriculture, Agricultural Businesses, NGOs, and other enterprises. In addition, students may also choose to pursue post-graduate studies in Economics or related fields either domestically or internationally

The Agricultural Economics program at the Faculty of Economics has a well-established reputation as a traditional and esteemed field of study, with a high job placement rate and competitive salaries for its graduates. Many of the program's alumni currently hold important positions in Vietnam's agriculture industry, in both the public and private sectors..

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