Introduction to The Rural Development Program.

Rural Development major has been formally trained at the Faculty of Economics, Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City since 2000. Students majoring in Rural Development are equipped with basic and in-depth knowledge of sociology, rural management and development, development theory, community development, economics and agricultural management. Learners have the ability to apply knowledge and analytical tools to assess the current status and make decisions on economic and social development in rural areas. The training program in Rural Development aims to develop capacity and skills in rural development and management such as skills in working with the community, skills in teamwork, skills in managing and evaluating rural development programs and projects, consulting on development issues in rural areas.

Students go on field trip, year 2019

To be able to graduate, students must complete 136 credits, each credit corresponds to 15 classroom hours. The above credits include theory, practice, internship and graduation thesis. The study program is designed for 4 years, but students can apply for overtaking in the summer semesters or actively register for multiple subjects in one main semester to be able to complete ahead of time.

Graduates of the Rural Development major can work at universities, institutes and research centers, or state management agencies such as Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Center for Agricultural Extension, Department of Economics, Department of Agriculture, Sub-Department of Rural Development; or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In addition, the graduates can also work as consultants for development programs or projects, work in the private sector or freelance. Graduates of the Rural Development major can go on to graduate school at the Faculty of Economics or at domestic and foreign universities and institutes in fields related to economics and development.

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Rural Development major at the Faculty of Economics is a potential field because agriculture, farmers and rural areas play a particularly important position and role, being the basis and force for socio-economic development. Many graduates of the major have affirmed their position in society, as well as made clear and great contributions to the development of agriculture and rural areas of many localities..

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