Introduction to Accounting Program.

The accounting program has been formally initiated at The Accounting and Finance Department, Economics Faculty, Nong Lam University since 2001. On the ground of this, students will be well-equipped with a profound insight into accounting, auditing, and finance. Additionally, the students will be trained in professional skills and social skills essential for their potential responsibility. A progressive attitude, a sense of legal compliance, and lifelong learning will also be achievable for those who follow the program.. 

The program with 136 credits in total consists of courses about theory, practice, internship, and graduation thesis. The program is designed to spur the students to complete this within 4 years and particularly to register approximately 17 credits for each semester. However, if learners have the desire to accomplish the program soon merely from 3 to 3.5 years, they absolutely have the opportunity to complete additional courses of the program in the summer and official semester to shorten the education period.

Student of Accounting

After graduating, students will be moral people with confidence in terms of professional knowledge and skills capable of matching the requirement of recruiters in any type of national and international organization from the private to public sector finding connoisseurs of accounting.

Graduated of Accounting, 2019 

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