Introduction to the Business Administration (Commerce) Program

The Business Administration (Commerce) program, managed by the Department of Business Administration, commenced enrolling its first course in 2005. This major provides students with basic knowledge in business administration, including marketing, market research, human resource management, financial management, and strategic management. In addition, the training program is equipped with in-depth subjects on commercial business activities, such as foreign trade operations, commercial marketing, negotiation, international business, and logistics management. Students can also participate in specialized academic activities and receive direct instruction from experts and business managers working in Ho Chi Minh City or nearby provinces.

The Business Administration (Commerce) program is built in the form of credits, allowing students to actively choose subjects, lecturers, and study time. To graduate, students need to complete 136 credits, including theory, practice, internship, and graduation thesis. According to the plan, students will complete the program in four years, equivalent to approximately 17 credits/semester. However, the credit system also gives students great flexibility in shortening the study period to 3.5 years or 3 years.

Internship Program for Students of the Business Administration (Commerce) Program in Da Lat Province

Graduation Ceremony for Students of the Business Administration (Commerce) Program

After graduation, students can apply for jobs related to commercial business fields. Additionally, thanks to their general knowledge of business administration, students can also work in any enterprise in other fields. With the knowledge accumulated from the university, students are fully capable of holding important positions in the business and asserting their own working process in the future. This has been proven by many alumni of this program. Moreover, starting a business to build their own enterprise (startup) is also a plan that many alumni have chosen and achieved their success after graduation

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