Introduction to the Environmental and Natural Resoure Economics Program.

In 2004, the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics program was taught at the Faculty of Economics, Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City. It was the first undergraduate program in Vietnam designed to meet the demand for high-quality human resources in the field of environmental resource economics and management. This program was designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of economics, resource management economics, environmental economics, and environmental resource management policies. Additionally, students will be provided with necessary soft skills such as creative thinking, analysis and problem-solving for environmental resource economics.

To fulfill the program requirements, students need to obtain a total of 136 credits, with each credit representing 15 hours of classroom instruction, including theoretical, practical, internship, and thesis. The program is intended to be completed within 4 years, but students have the option of taking extra courses during the summer semesters or enrolling in multiple courses during a regular semester to complete their requirements earlier.

Internship of Students in Ninh Thuan province, 2019

After graduating from the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics program, students can work in government agencies at both the central and local levels, universities, and research institutions in the field of social and economic development. Furthermore, job opportunities are abundant in various economic sectors involving resource exploitation (such as land, water, minerals, forest resources, and aquatic products), real estate, and enterprises involved in pollution treatment and environmental management. In addition, students may also choose to pursue post-graduate studies in Economics or related fields either domestically or internationally.

Thesis Defence, 2019 

The Environmental and Natural Resource Economics program at the Faculty of Economics is a reputable field of study and a promising area for learners in the context of Vietnam's high economic growth, where environmental issues and resource depletion are always a concern for the Government.

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