1. Training objectives

General objective

The Agricultural Economics programme (AE) provides students withcomprehensive knowledge in economics and applications in agriculture;and highly adaptable to real conditions of workplace. The programme also trains student to develop and effectively use communication skills, independent working skills, teamwork to work, study and research in the field of agricultural economics.

Specific objectives

         The AE programme provides students with

2. Expected learning outcomes of the programme

When completing the AE programme, the graduates are expected to:

A. Knowledge

General Knowledge

PLO 1: Analyze and evaluate the scientific knowledge system on the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism; Ho Chi Minh ideology; guidelines of the Party and laws of the State; apply this scientific knowledge into real life

Professional Knowledge

PLO 2: Analyze economic theories dealing with organizing policy implementation, project management, and the establishment of development strategies at administrative and professional management levels, and businesses in agricultural economics

PLO 3: Analyze managerial theories to evaluate and propose applications, transfer technology applications in agribusiness and rural development associated with market demand and economic organizations

B. Skills

Professional skills

PLO 4: Collect information, apply mathematical tools, specialized software to survey, analyze and evaluate issues in the field of agricultural economics

PLO 5: Think independently in order to analyze and forecast political, economic, cultural and social issues associated with solving practical work; policies and solutions in the agricultural and rural economy

PLO 6: Apply managerial theories to develop strategies and plans, to organize and manage business in the areas of agricultural economics

Generic skills

PLO 7: Demonstrate the ability to work independently as well as the ability to work cooperatively in teams

PLO 8: Communicate effectively in a variety of forms: speech, text, electronic communication

PLO 9: Use English and Informatics for work, research and technology transfer

C. Attitude

PLO 10: Understand and respect Law, have positive lifestyle and community oriented spirit

PLO 11: Be responsible and highly disciplined

PLO 12: Practice lifelong learning

2.3 The alignment between POs and PLOs of the Agricultural Economics Programme

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2. Curriculum

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